May 292019

I’ve posted a few times before that one can read my novel serially online, as I’m publishing a chapter per week at What Lies If you’d rather have it all in one place, the ebook and physical book will be available July 2nd! Which means one can read to the end about 2.5 months before the final chapter is published online. And, for those who are forgetful and would rather place their order right now, you can also preorder the ebook starting today!

Right here. :)


  4 Responses to “What Lies Dreaming is now available for preorder”

  1. Ordered!

  2. Ordered. I know it would be a lot of work but I can’t help but hope for the companion audiobook.

  3. Your book will be the very first thing I purchase upon regaining the ability to interact with money online. My general aversion to walking into banks to talk to people is fairly high so it is possible I wont read it right away. I have gotten past my amazon aversion and bought Red Legacy not so long ago so this hump shouldn’t be take too long.

  4. Just got mine.

    Thanks for all the stories you have given us for free both here and through your excellent podcast.

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