Apr 252019

I got a lot more comments than I expected for a mostly tongue-in-cheek 3-line post. So, to quickly clarify:

I like Andrew Yang on a personal level. With his tech background and his liberal (but not leftist) views, he feels like the candidate that most represents my values. Furthermore, his identification as a goth in his younger life makes me grin madly, as I also love the goth aesthetic. And really… can one truly be an ex-goth? Or is that just going back into the closet for a while? :)

I like Andrew Yang on a political level. I know this is outsider-bias…. but business-as-usual is coming off the rails, and the establishment seems to have no idea how to handle it. The Republican party failed so badly that it was hijacked by Trump, and the Democratic party failed so hard that they lost to Trump! Most politicians are morally nauseating. I cannot vote for most of the current front-runners, as they supported Fosta-Sesta, and anyone who supported that abomination obviously would gladly usher me into the ovens if it was a necessary price to pay to win political office. Yang comes from the world of entrepreneurship, which looks to solve problems with innovation and isn’t tainted with the stink of politics. I know that this will quickly change once he gets into office. I know the position will drag him down to its level. But I’m hoping he can break/fix a thing or two during his struggle on the way down.

I like Andrew Yang on a pragmatic level. I think he’s the only candidate who both sees the onrushing culture shock of mass technological unemployment, and has ideas and policy proposals about what to do about it. I suspect he’s the only candidate likely to take AI Alignment to be a serious problem. He is addressing the same problems that propelled Trump into office, but by looking forward for solutions, rather than trying to burrow into the past with failing defensive maneuvers. If modern society is to survive the coming upheaval without a bloody revolution, I think he is the candidate most likely to steer us through that pass.

I’m most concerned that his lack of political capital (what I called the stink of politics) will mean he won’t be able to make effective changes, given the rest of the political system. That being said, I think the other contenders are even worse because while they might (MAYBE) have the means, they have neither the vision nor the motivation to do so, so their means don’t matter anyway.

I don’t literally think people who don’t vote for Yang are Bad People. :)

  4 Responses to “Seriously though, I like Yang”

  1. While the left does rag on Yang, and I can’t say I disagree with the reasons for doing so, he does seem to me like the Least Worst Liberal. Sadly I don’t think anyone can stop sleazy Joe losing to Trump at this point, but it was nice to imagine.

  2. Gotta be honest this post does not read like a ringing endorsement for Democracy. The reason your other post grabbed my attention at least is because you have at least once that I recall drawn a hard line in the sand and said something which could be interpreted as ‘good people on this side bad people on that side’. It is a fairly unusual activity for you though. Tbh I doubt you’d even say that people who vote for Trump are ‘Bad People’. Not even the people who will vote for a 2nd term.

    Actually now that I think about it would you ever call anyone a Bad Person because of how they voted ?(in anything short of a policital campaign where a literal nazi party was running). Seems unlikely.

    • Highly unlikely I would ever do that, aside from extreme cases, as you said.

      And yeah, def not a ringing endorsement of Democracy. But it’s what we got.

  3. Dirdle, the left and liberals hate each other.

    Yang is to liberal for the leftists. And too left for the liberals.

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