May 062016

chibi-kkyIt’s a damned fucking disgrace what’s been happening to Kukuruyo.

I bring this up because a commenter recently noted that I talk oft about Rabid Puppy crap, but not much about when my side shits the bed. They have a point.

Kukuruyo has been personally and financially attacked simply for having the wrong political opinions. They’ve been falsely accused of pedophilia and creating child porn, which is a SERIOUS FUCKING CHARGE and which anyone who made should immediately rescind (and apologize!) or forever be known as a slanderous hate-monger and outrage-peddler. Even a false charge of something that serious can destroy lives. Do you not remember the families that were torn apart by false child-rape charges in the 80s Satanic Panic??

Already some advertisers have pulled their sponsorship based on false allegations. Marvel is being encouraged to sue due to fanart (seriously guys, fuck anyone who siccs a major corp on a fanartist or fanwriter, you are beyond scum). And Kukuruyo is being personally harassed as well.

The people on our side doing this – have you no shame? No scruples? Are you trying to make Vox’s point for him? Do you realize what happens when you bring yourself down to his level? Don’t freakin’ do it!!!

Last year I voted No Award in several categories, out of protest of the Puppy’s tactics. This year I will very likely vote Kukuruyo at the top of my ballot for FanArtist, as a protest against what has been done to them. And their art ain’t half bad!

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  1. He violated terms of services with two separate companies, DeviantArt and Project Wonderful, of his own free will and choice. He’s making money taking paid commissions creating nudes of a Marvel character without permission, a character who happens to be underage and whose name is literally synonymous with the company (textbook copyright infringement AND trademark disparagement) and selling to advertisers who have no idea their ads will show up on pages with drawings of a nude 16 year old girl, implying that the advertisers support such imagery.

    Exactly how much sympathy are we supposed to have for this guy?

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