May 052016

<3 Chuck Tingle. Just a few hours ago he tweeted this:


IMPORTANT: cant go to hugos award so to thwart devil plans, true buckaroo ZOE QUINN (name of @unburtwitch) has agreed to accept award for me

I got a question on Facebook as to why this is relevant.

Zoe Quinn was one of the original targets of GamerGate hate. GamerGate is basically the video-game-community equivalent of the Rabid Puppies. (Although for them the rallying cry isn’t “Bring back good fiction” it’s “Ethics in video-gaming journalism!”) GamerGaters were a Rabid Puppies ally last year.

So for a Rabid Puppies slated author to bring in an arch-nemesis of GamerGate is sorta like if Lou Antonelli had smiled when he was nominated and given up his seat to Rachel Swirsky.

As for WHY the Rabids nominated Space Raptor Butt Invasion…

They still have a hate-boner for “If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love.” They slated “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” to show their contempt, and say “Ha ha, screw you WorldCon, here’s what we think of Swirksy’s story. Have some gay porn! With Dinosaurs, since you love dinosaurs so much!”

(for the puppies, calling someone gay is still an insult, so dropping gay porn in their inbox is an offense)

It’s blown up in their faces spectacularly. :)

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