Oct 262012

Beating up people weaker than you – not funny.

Torturing small animals – not funny.

Humor is often used as a weapon. That’s what satire is. And like any weapon, it can be used to oppress the weak, or defend them. A weapon turned against people who harm others is a weapon used well.


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A weapon used to hurt people who you consider lower status simply so that you can laugh at them is a weapon wielded by the bad guys. Therefore, just so we’re clear – this shit is not funny.

(“trolls posted a fake screenshot of a tweet by verified “Entertainment Tonight” that “confirmed” Justin Bieber had leukemia. [Fans] began posting pics and vids of themselves with their heads shaved in a global show of support”)


You managed to exploited someone’s good will and love of music to ruin their hair and humiliate them. It’s vicious high school bullshit.

This is in the same family of crap as the Daniel Tosh rape jokes. Kicking puppies doesn’t get you laughs. It simply brands you as an asshole.

  2 Responses to “That’s Not Humor”

  1. No, it’s funny. Ignorance and gullibility need to be stamped out where ever it exists. It just so happens that public humiliation is the best tool for doing so.

    • There’s far less cruel ways of stamping out ignorance and gullibility. Hurting someone like that is cruel, and encouraging it is rather dickish as well.

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