Mar 292019

Every now and then I post a reminder about my ongoing novel. In the most recent chapter:
Despite a burgeoning famine and chaos in the streets, the emperor will not see his week of revelry and gladiator games interrupted. But he gets more than he expected when a demonic embodiment of Pride materializes in the Colosseum.

Read it as it’s being published at

You can also vote for it up to once per week via this link to Top Webfiction.

And, for those waiting to get it all at once, the full version will be purchasable in early July!

  2 Responses to “Periodic self-promotion”

  1. I’m pumped to read your book I’ve been waiting for you to finish. I’ve read what you published on this web page and red legacy but that isn’t actually all you have published so far is it ?

  2. So I am probably the most wildly inept at marketing in your entire audience but I did notice something. I always find your blog by googling ‘death is bad’. I’ve been doing this since we first started communicating back before you had finished methods or written anything for publishing. So I assume that google can make those connections. When I google ‘death is bad’ you turn up on the first page of results but not without scrolling where you used to be no2 (the first one hilariously was explaining how death is fine).

    I don’t know to what extent you want your brand to be ‘death is bad’ but I figured if you do want to kinda get a hold on that term either for yourself or the rationalist sphere then perhaps something can be done. I don’t have even a TLDR of how google really works but I understand that it can be gamed as a system to increase the things pointing in your direction. With my purchasing and browsing habits I would’ve expected google to have your blog as the no1 result not no8.

    On the other hand maybe your actual name as your brand is fine for you in which case I can report that ‘Eneasz Brodski’ links to a few videoes with you in them (on on yuor channel two on other peoples) and then your blog then something called then your twitter which remains unused.

    This could all be super extraneous information I guess but there it is.

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