Apr 132017

I basically don’t read posts in color. The amount of effort it requires to differentiate them from ads doesn’t seem worth it at all. And usually they’re basically contentless anyway. (I know, that’s judgy…) Combined with in-line ads, I scroll past like 1/3rd of my feed now. Way to go, Facebook.

I assume this was to make it harder to ignore ads, but it’s backfired, at least in my case. Now I’m gonna go out and finally get Facebook Purity.

  3 Responses to “First World Problem”

  1. I only get ads for video games so I don’t mind really. It’s sometimes nice to see what’s new.. I think a friend of mine discovered World of Tanks that way (not on facebook but via ads in general), I started playing too, we joined a clan and it was a nice community while it lasted, we even met once per year for some BBQ and boardgames and stuff.

    Also it’s a way for me to see what facebook actually knows about me. Apparently I mostly talk about games with other people. And riddles, but I guess there aren’t many ads focused on selling … logic riddle stuff? :-)

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