Jun 032015

In addition to coordinating the Lit Track, I moderated three panels at Denver Comic Con last weekend. This is the audio of the second one. It was a little rough at first, but once I got into the groove things went very well. I think I did OK for my second time ever moderating a panel. :)

It’s a panel on Super-Villains. Panelists are: Alexi Vandenberg, Rob Weiner, Rob Peaslee, Amalie Howard, and Stephen Graham Jones. Moderator Eneasz Brodski. This was recorded onsite at Denver Comic Con 2015.
The most admirable trait of villains?
Do you prefer your villains to be relatable, or hateable?
What’s the difference between a true villain and just a bad person?
Is the only difference between a villain and a hero the POV of the story?
and more
It was inspired by this pic from two years back:

Learned From SuperVillians

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