Jan 232013

coexistenceWe interrupt the regularly scheduled stream-of-consciousness for stupid politics.

The creationist fucktards are bringing the battle into Colorado. Are we gonna let them sneak this shit through?


Just a few days ago, a bill was introduced into my home state’s legislature that would allow teachers “to miseducate students about evolution, whether by teaching creationism as a scientifically credible alternative or merely by misrepresenting evolution as scientifically controversial.


The antiscience bill HB 13-1089 is one of the Orwellian-named “Academic Freedom” thrusts by creationists, where legislators claim they just want teachers to have freedom about what they can teach, but is in fact a clear and obvious attack on scientific fields that disagree with the beliefs of the conservative lawmakers.


HELL NO. The list of Reps sitting on the House Committees on Education and Appropriations is at the above link. If you don’t know what District you live in, the Colorado District Map is here.

Everyone in Colorado with a Rep sitting on this committee – write them. Email is good, snail mail is even better. Let them know we enjoy living in the NOT dark ages.


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