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not all men mr koolaidSo apparently even John Green (yes, that John Green) is being attacked as a terrible transphobic misogynistic racist, or whatever. One of the nicest people in the world, certainly the nicest since Mr. Rodgers, is getting threats and hate from the extremist left.

This is something I just would have written off as lunacy not long ago. Like the #CancelColbert surge, or Dan Savage’s “hate crime”. Then I learned about the harassment of one of the most sex-positive and amazing people on YouTube, Laci Green, which scared her off the internet for a while. And it started feeling like a thing that actually has some effect, rather than just two kooks ranting in a basement somewhere while everyone sane ignores them.

Honestly, I’m happy that these people are going after targets like Colbert and John Greene. Exactly because they are such good people that the extremists are made to look like ridiculous asshats.

Until a few years ago I was shocked (and dismayed!) to 
discover that anyone other than racist misogynistic trash was ANTI-feminism! It was like a literal smack. It took me a while to realize that what they were *actually* against was these sorts of extremist assholes who managed to tar the rest of us by claiming their blind hate was in the name of progressive ideals. I know someone who is better and kinder than just about anyone in any progressive movement who calls himself anti-feminist because of the rabid attacks by these left-wing Fred Phelpses.

When those asses go after obviously good people it reveals them for what they are – the left’s equivalent of the Westboro Baptists. And I hope this will make it much easier for those of us who really want people to just be decent to each other to be able to say “Yeah, look at those dick-waffles over there. THEY are the crazy fucks, NOT us. We are not like that, so please don’t think we are here to attack you. And feel free to join us if you ever want to, because everything you espouse is exactly what our ideal world is.”

The thing is, we all have to be willing to point them out and denounce them, publicly. I really wish they’d organize into a group to make that easier, but for now I’m calling all such people Westboro Leftists. So let me throw in my hat with those saying “Most feminists and leftists are NOTHING LIKE THESE ASSHOLES, and we despise them.”

(yes, I’m saying Not All Feminists Are Like That. Cuz I think it’s a legitimate argument, and I’ve suspected the “Not All Men” meme, while it did have a point, was another aspect of a Superweapon)

added: It was pointed out by a commenter that Fred Phelps identified as a Democrat (the Left party in the US) and ran for office several times as a Democrat. That really surprised me, since religious opposition to gay rights is traditionally a Right position here. So my use of the term “Westboro Leftists” is a bit of a misnomer, as it implies that the Westboro dicks were Right-identified. I should’ve just said “Let’s not be like the Westboro Baptists on any issue.” My bad.

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  1. Just came here from the link at Larry Correia’s blog.

    You do realize that Fred Phelps was a Democrat, right?

    • Bingo. This is what makes me doubtful of the author’s desired resolution of disownment. Phelps was roundly denounced by fairly much everyone out there from anywhere that wasn’t on the far ends of the insanity bell-curve, and he at the very least voted left, but ended up stuck in the collective memory of many folks as a sort of right-wing bogeyman.

      Pretty sure there’s a “no true scotsman” argument out there for Phelps and his ilk. Thing is, while people could buy it if they looked at the situation rationally, they don’t really want to, because the adversarial, mudslinging method of expressing views has left everyone feeling that “the other side” of whatever issue they’re partial to has represented them unfairly, and turnabout is fair play.

    • I’m trying to see the relevance of how he voted, and it’s not coming to me. Can you explain why that matters? I’m against rabid self-righteousness regardless of political affiliation.

      • It’s a point that follows from your own post. You take “left-wing Fred Phelps” types to task, apparently ignorant of his left-wing leaning, having even run for office on a democratic party line more than once – the generic ‘left’ party in US politics. By qualifying your descriptor you appear to attribute his vicious and vile behaviour to the right by default. No-one on the right wants to be associated with this guy either, much like how you’re calling for distance from the extreme and hateful feminists that you don’t want representing your views – and which some will regardless use to do so.

        People tend to be sensitive to this sort of thing, given that having ridiculous beliefs tacked onto them seems to be the first reaction of anyone with an opposing viewpoint, with the second being the all-encompassing “you’re hateful if you disagree, just shut up and go away”.

        That’s why I made the point that, while it’d be nice if people didn’t tar their opponents with the filthiest brush found under an open sewage line, the pervasive tendency to do so doesn’t seem likely to recede.

      • Ah, I see your point. Hm… I’ll add something to the post.

      • No worries. Very civilised of you to make a note there.

        Yeah, I realise that the anti-gay poppycock that they spouted is, regrettably, associated with the political right. Looking at the WB church’s actual dogma, though, it seems like they worship Sithrak* rather than the judeo-christian god. Their deity appears to hate everything and everyone in near-equal measure, with folks who make unconventional choices for who they want to love striding out ahead of the pack.

        I can’t even imagine living like that.

        (* If you don’t get the reference, google for “Oglaf Sithrak” – but don’t do it on a work computer, or if you’re easily offended by cartoons.)

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