Nov 052014

I voted. Not because I expect my vote to make a difference, but because I think that when making a decision, you are also deciding for all entities that run a decision algorithm that’s similar enough to your own. It would be stupid if all entities sufficiently like myself opted out of voting because they individually wouldn’t make a difference.
Also because it was super-convenient. Colorado is awesome like that.

  4 Responses to “Voting”

  1. That was the right thing to do. As a memebr of the public, I thank you.

  2. I very much wanted to (for similar reasons), but due to some error that I’m not sure the details of, it was not as convenient for me as it should have been despite also liing in Colorado. I eventually decided it wasn’t worth the 30-minute round-trip walk in the cold that turned out to actually be required (long story). I’m just glad that my decision was not the same as that of most people who run similar decision algorithms.

    • Sometimes circumstances will conspire against you. :/ You’re in Colorado? If you’re near Denver, there’s a meet-up next week!

      • I am, but I’m unable to attend the meetup tonight because of transportation issues (again). I don’t drive (because of poor vision), and RTD is inconvenient from my house; this was also (part of) the issue with voting.

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