Aug 142013

20110305_ASP501Recently Lavabit, which lets people send secure private emails via encryption, was shut down by the government. Why?

“we offered secure storage, where incoming emails were stored in such a way that they could only be accessed with the user’s password so that even myself couldn’t retrieve those emails. And that’s what we meant by encrypted email.  That’s a term that’s sort of been thrown around because there’s so many different standards for encryption.  But in our case it was encrypted and secure storage because as a third party I didn’t want to be put in a situation where I had to turn over private information, I just didn’t have it, I didn’t have access to it.  And that was sort of, may have been the situation that I was facing.”

Because it makes blanket spying on everyone very hard. Feels like a pre-emptive strike by the totalitarians, no?

I’m pro-Radical Transparency. I’m up for opening all my communication – but only if it goes both ways. A one-way window is not transparency, and I’ll open my communications if the government opens theirs. Which begins with a full pardon for Manning and Snowden and the prosecution of the people who tried to hide what those two revealed. What sort of government punishes our heroes and protects the villains?

There’s a link to the Lavabit legal defense fund from their homepage, here: We can’t fight The Powers if we don’t combine our efforts. Individual humans are weak, united we are strong.

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