Mar 202021

A quick note about two new things I’m doing, for the few people who follow the blog that may not follow me other places.

1. My novel, “What Lies Dreaming,” is now available as an audio book! Most of the audio for this was recorded by fans of my podcast, for which I am immensely grateful! Thank you all so much. <3 You can listen to the whole thing free a chapter at a time at, or you can get the full thing as one book at Audible/Amazon.



2. I’m now one half of the podcast “Not Everything Is A Clue.” This is an analysis podcast of Alexander Wales’ “Worth The Candle” webfic, which we read a few chapters of and then discuss every week. It’s a fantastic story, and I hope we do it justice.


  3 Responses to “Two New Things From Me”

  1. Just got the audiobook and added you to my patreon support, thanks for all of your hard work.

  2. Just got the audiobook and added you to my list of supported patreons, thanks!

  3. I have already read your book but I’m glad to hear it is out on Audible and will get it just to listen anyhow. It’s also super cool that you are doing a podcast on Worth the Candle. I was about to start a re-read myself so this is neat.

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