Jun 102016

TOOL_TwitThis is just me complaining.

Tool is coming to Denver in October. Tickets went on sale today at 10:00. I was waiting at the tix-buying website at 9:58, and started refreshing regularly.

As soon as the tix went on sale the site crashed.

Kept retrying, finally got through at 10:03!! :) All the good tickets are gone!! :( Oh well, screw it, it’s Tool, I’ll buy crappy far away tickets. I click confirm and… crashes again. Reload. The whole show is sold out at 10:04.


Resellers are charging over $170 for far away tix, and I’m not willing to pay that much to be half a mile away. The good tix I’d be willing to shell out $200 for are actually over a third of a grand! Guess I’m not going to see Tool. :( God I love Tool.

But hey, all is not lost! There’s this promising new band in Denver. They’re playing at a local venue tomorrow, and I *LOVE* small local venues because they are intimate as hell and you get to be right up next to the artist and see them freakin’ bleeding into their instruments and wailing their souls into the heavens. I’m hoping this will be a case of specialized tastes allowing one to save money while retaining pleasure. :)

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  1. I have a similar, though much smaller scale, problem for a little festival I like in Derbyshire, UK. Well, not the bit about touts re-selling overpriced tickets, just the bit about the website crashing the moment they go on sale. They are considering replacing it with a lottery system this year, where you would have a longer space of time in advance to state your interest, and then tickets are allocated at random afterwards. I wonder if there is a good reason why big-name bands don’t do the same.

  2. I’m here in Denver too, exact same thing happened to me. I was trying to get tickets for my son and I go go..nope. thanks scalpers..I hope they get a scorching case of herpes and die. They have ruined the joy that is live music. Cant even pass the torch to my kid. Im a single dad and truly cannot afford 232 a ticket. I even called kbpi in hopes that they could do something. I talked with Andrea in promotions, she tried to get tickets for me but they were only given 5 pairs. So..waiting till day of i guess and roll the dice. Good luck bro.

  3. You have to log on earlier than that for popular shows. 10 minutes before the sale started they let people into the “waiting room” and queued them up. When the timer ran out I was second in line for the Connecticut show. If you get into the waiting room early, you have a better chance.

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