Apr 042015

Larry-CorreiaWhile I would like to see Larry at WorldCon this year, I no longer think “taking back the Hugos” is  viable path. As mentioned in my previous post, it would mainly lead to wasteful culture-wars that accomplish nothing and leave everyone worse off. To recap the last bit of that post (because it was long and most people won’t care about everything leading up to the final paragraph) –

“I think the best option is for Larry Correia to create a new awards convention. He has proven that there is interest in one. He has a large contingent of fans who can’t wait to have their own party, where they can decide which work the best among those that appeal to their tastes. He’s mobilized them, and shown that they are willing to work in concert and spend a fair amount of money and effort to make this come together! Plus it would be a huge win for him. AND then he wouldn’t have the ignominy of becoming the Conservative SF Reader’s Pope, who chooses what books they will vote for in the Hugos every year. Instead he would be the founder of their own space, forever remembered as a Creator of Something Awesome.”

It wouldn’t be easy, of course. But Larry has HUGE name recognition. Tons of people would love to work with him on something like this, either for the love of the work itself, or for a chance to work with Larry and boost their own careers. He could reach out to any of hundreds of con organizers across the country who’ve been doing this for years and start something amazing. And the fan would come in droves! Why is this not already a thing? He could even include a “Sad Puppy” category, where they mock the worst piece of liberal drivel that somehow is popular for political-signaling reasons. :)

Prediction – Within one year, Larry will announce a new con, for the more conservative-minded reader, and it will be a huge success. I will be sad if he doesn’t, because this is something that really should happen. It has the potential to be the next ComicCon phenomenon.

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