Jan 042014

clothing optionalThe Denver Post just ran an article about The Scarlet Ranch (a Denver swinger club). It was a pretty good article. Normally I don’t ever read comments on public sites, because The Internet. But I was curious if anyone was having the same mixed feelings as me – More public exposure and acceptance is good, but it already gets way too crowded on special events and this article was liable to make that even worse. :/ It’s the classic trade-off of fringe culture.

Of course I should’ve been expecting this, but a lot of comments were of the “Ew, wtf?” variety. There were several that mirrored this line:

“Why are they even married?”

Um… how about for love? Look, I’m on board with the whole “Marriage is a bad idea and we shouldn’t do it” thing. But quite a few people seem to believe that the entire purpose of marriage is to secure access to someone else’s genitalia. I want to ask – why are YOU married? Is it to assert your ownership of someone’s body? To restrict what your lover can do for pleasure? To prevent others from enjoying an intimate relationship with them? Because those are TERRIBLE reasons. That’s just the Property Model of marriage again. Christ, who the hell said we don’t need feminism anymore? And this is extremely damaging to both sexes.

I want to strangle people who equate love, sex, and ownership like this. People are not things, and the person you love most shouldn’t be a thing to you most of all. Maybe this is what comes of living in a society based on a “jealous god” who has the morals of a spoiled five year old. /frustration

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  1. But you forget one simple fact, People ARE things. You ARE an entity. You DO exist. If you have a problem with marriage relating to ownership then perhaps you should take that up with your local state law. Marriage is defined widely by different people but come to the common understanding that it is representative to the union of the two bodies as one. So if you’re married to someone and you don’t want to walk around fucking everything in sight, as an extension of yourself, through your unity of marriage, you wouldn’t want your significant other walking around fucking everything in sight. There is also the real risk of disease and ailments due to such a promiscuous nature that should legitimately concern any rational mind that is concerned about it’s own well being and safety ,and by extension, through marriage, the well being and safety of their significant other. Your “idea” of marriage being terrible in the sense that you own one another is totally subjective. If you are married, you, in a sense, are that other person. Do you own your foot? Then you own your significant other and vise versa. But it sounds like your main problem with this concept is the idea of human ownership as I’m sure it’s on par with slavery to you, forgive me but that’s just my projected assumption towards your rationalization. Or perhaps you have ego problems and don’t want to face reality about you being a thing since you are materialized. Any-who, that’s my two cents on the matter, try not to strangle me over it. :D As for how that relates to the real world and marriage though… it doesn’t fucking matter… it’s the married couples private business anyways.

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