Feb 172021

There’ve already been a dozen+ well-written and thought-out pieces about the complete moral deprativity of the NYT’s Scott Alexander piece, and I can’t add anything of value to those. However I can pass on an observation of just how low the NYT has sunk.

Scott Alexander has haters that congregate online. Some of them hate him personally, some of them merely hate the community he belongs to and the way he speaks eloquently for and about them. Regardless, for multiple years there have been groups of people that spend a lot of time online discussing their shared hatred of Scott Alexander and posting about how terrible he is (Sneerclub and RationalWiki come to mind immediately).

And yet, even these internet trolls, basically dyed-in-the-wool internet shitlords, had the decency to use his psyduonym of Scott Alexander and not doxx him. It took the paragons of social responsibility at the New York Times to doxx one of the most socially generous and intellectually charitable writers of the modern day. It wasn’t until several days after NYT shit themselves that RationalWiki finally updated their entry on Scott Alexander to include his full name.

Good work, NYT. You’re literally worse than the internet.

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