Nov 222016

img_20161117_230102978I’ve kinda adopted Starbucks as my make-shift office. Last week, we got the first snow of the season, and Starbucks played Christmas Carols all day. :) <3

Today, it’s snowing again, and we have carols again! Squeeeeee!

Some grinchy friends complained about Thanksgiving being absorbed by Christmas. Apparently they don’t understand about The Holiday Season. I will clarify for them now–

Thanksgiving is basically just Christmas Lite. It’s a warm-up. It’s the pre-season of Christmas. If your Xmas Tree isn’t up for Thanksgiving, you’re doing it wrong. (“Just one calorie of Xmas. Not Xmas enough.”)

Hooray for the Holidays!!

(oh, quick carol hack for anyone who hates the super-Jesus-y carols as much as I do – get both the HP Lovecraft Historical Society’s Solstice Carol albums. They are so much fun, and now I have much better lyrics in my head to take the place of all the Jesus-y ones when those come on. :) )

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  1. As a chid of the video game 80’s and 90’s, I really enjoy this selection of holiday tracks:

    Also, a few years ago, I had an interesting conversation about the holiday with a fellow Atheist coworker. She was adamant that she wasn’t going to exchange presents with anybody because she didn’t believe in god. I was trying to argue that Xmas is basically a Secular/American/Commercial holiday, and not necessarily a religious one, so she was totally welcome to participate in whatever ways she wanted to. I still think that holidays in general, but this one in particular is just an excuse to get together with people you want to see, whether that is in a church or bar or someone’s home.

    • Yeah, exactly. I got enough of *not* celebrating the holidays when I was a Christian. Now that I’m an atheist, I’ma celebrate the hell out of them!

  2. I’m a little surprised that you enjoy the holiday season so much. I’m a little curious as to why you would adopt Starbucks as an office too. Cannot you just make coffee in the comfort of your own home and then do whatever it is that needs doing there? (I assume writing 1000 words a day is what you are doing).

    Is there some kind of inspiration from being out in the world and seeing the people or something else I am missing?

    • Agreed, would not have pegged him as a big fan of the holidays.

      Just started listening to the Lovecraftian carols though, they are great. :)

      • “Agreed, would not have pegged him as a big fan of the holidays.”

        Outta curiousity – why’s that?

        • Hope my comment didn’t come off as offensive, not my intention at all.

          Mainly because holidays are stressful. Trying to shop is harder as everything is more crowded, if you live in a cold weather area it becomes more difficult to get around, if you have any sort of festivities planned with friends or family coming over you have to deal with a lot of cooking and cleaning.

          Most people I meet who look forward to the holidays are either fairly religious, have children or have some major event to look forward to (such as family they rarely see coming in to spend some time together).

          I did not get the impression those three items applied to you (obviously the religious one does not). Again, no offense was intended, just a casual observation based on very limited data.

          • oh heck, no offense taken! :) Honestly, I was just curious.

            It’s interesting, I don’t really have any of those stressors. Aside from groceries, I basically never go shopping. The few things I want now and then are delivered from Amazon. I live very close to my workplace, and don’t have to go much elsewhere if I don’t want to. I enjoying cleaning, and I never cook so I don’t worry about that. My family (being JW) doesn’t celebrate any holidays, so the only person(s) I every have to buy presents for are my partner(s) and, if I’m married, their in-laws (who provide handy wish lists!). Which I then fulfill from my desk via Amazon. Like, for me the holidays are pretty snowscapes, pretty decorations, and cheerful music, end-capped by gatherings with friends/family.

            I dunno, guess I got off pretty lucky? :)

    • re: Starbucks – yes, there is. I’ve definitely found value in it, which I will make into a blog post after a few more weeks experience. :)

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