Oct 252012

City of Bones, by Martha Wells

Synopsis: A post-apocalyptic fantasy. After out-of-control magic reduced most of the world to a desert wasteland, the survivors do their best to survive while trying to find magical artifacts and piece together what went wrong.

Brief Book Review: A lackluster effort. There is never any build-up of tension, the world building suffers from multiple holes, and the book commits the cardinal sin of fiction: it is boring. Not recommended.

Club Review: As a club review, it’s not as bad as a solitary read. The book club will likely find itself comparing this to other post-apocalyptic or dystopian works they actually enjoyed, and may get into some fun conversations about the contrasts, and how people react in truly desperate situations. Those with a historical background might draw comparisons to Rome. And everyone will have some fun talking about the various inconsistencies and snafus. It’s not awful, and it’s an early book – I’ve heard the author has gone on to write much better things. But that’s not enough to recommend people spend their limited time reading or skimming it. Not Recommended.

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