Jan 122022

A few quick updates:

I missed our book club meeting in December (we only have one each in Nov & Dec, due to holidays). And I’m about to miss both the January meetings due to a Hawaiian vacation that manages to juuuuuust barely overlap both of them. This is why there’s been no Book Club Review in so long.

I don’t want to completely abandon the blog while I’m gone. I’ve participated (or observed) some informal conversations with someone who has some very unusual views on quite a few things. I disagree with him in some major way in most of his views, but I find them absolutely fascinating, and they give me a lot to think about. I may be engaging some of them in the near-ish future. In the meantime, he’s said it’s OK to paste some of the things I’ve clipped for further consideration onto this blog. So over the next couple weeks, there’ll be several posts by one “Mr K” on topics of interest.  Please keep in mind that A. I don’t necessarily endorse any of these views, and may oppose some of them in key ways, and B. I won’t be around to respond to comments for a couple weeks. These are just interesting.


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  1. Thanks for the updates, have a great trip!

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