May 082022

I’m moving to SubStack.

I’ll continue posting all posts here as well as there for at least the rest of this month. Maybe next month too. This site will stay up as an archive for as long as I can afford the yearly fee.

I was convinced by Bryan Caplan’s post Who Should Switch to Substack? He’s a pretty convincing fellow.

I not planning to charge for any posts. It’ll be the same thing as always, just in a more central location, and with easy email subscription.

(note: This is a pinned post. There’s newer posts below it.)


  4 Responses to “On Substack”

  1. Thanks for the update, will make a list of all your book recommendations here before the end of the month for my future reading list.

    • The substack stuff won’t be paywalled. Certainly not the book reviews. :) And I’ll keep this site up as an archive for quite some time, as all my inter-linked stuff points here.

  2. I thought you didn’t post anything for a while, I didn’t realize that this post was pinned at the top. I usually look at the top post, think “Oh, this is a new one, let’s see if there are more and catch up on them” or “I already read this one, nothing new yet”.

    Just wanted to let you know that. :D

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