Jan 272022

This post is snippets of an informal conversation with Mr K, which I’m posting while on vacation. I don’t necessarily endorse any of these views, and may oppose some of them. I won’t be around to respond to comments for a couple weeks.


The whole problem is people like Trump
look, Trump is simply a major piece in a large grassroots movement
or a large fascist movement if you will
Trump may be a farcical pseudofascist, but the next person like him will not be a farce
that is what we need to avoid
and that is the trajectory we’re currently headed towards, because like it or not, the woke oligarchy is on its last legs
the thing about fascism is that it essentially consists of mass movements, with the fascist dictators needing the continual support of this mass movement
 and in order to have this support base, they must also have a political counterpole
and outgroup which is the enemy of the fascist regime

a mass movement does not even need elections to be successful
elections, in their current form, are basically a way of rendering mass movements less effective.
the raid on the capitol is not part of the electoral process, for example
but it is clearly part of a mass movement
if you have a genuinely highly energised mass movement that also constitutes the majority population
then, if they want, they can just sorta declare an election whenever they want

mass movements run basically on mob mentality, whether these mass movements are revolutions, civil wars, mob justice, boycotts, or something else

you need to protect private property because people need to be able to set up means of production, which requires them to have a reasonable expectation that it will pay off
if you have a complex economy, it is necessary for each productive good to have an unambiguous owner
because otherwise the constant power struggles will completely cripple the ability to use the productive goods
this is the case whether the owner is a private person or whether it is the government
you cannot really decentralise long term planning. You can delegate some aspects of it, but the delegation itself will need to be centralised
literally any organisation that functions works like this
if you drive a car, your car was made by a monarchy. If you go to a good restaurant, the restaurant is a monarchy.
the New York Times is a fifth generation hereditary absolute monarchy
you cannot get rid of this power structure, no matter how hard you try
it’s gonna keep popping up basically everywhere
I think we’re headed towards a dictatorship that will either have the character of fascism or the character of monarchy. I hope for the latter, in no small part because I kinda wanna avoid fascism actually
I know a lot of people don’t have this model of neoreactionaries but actually I would very much like to avoid a fascist dictatorship
I think this regime is already unravelling, and I think that when it deteriorates sufficiently, a dictatorship of some kind is basically inevitable.

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