Sep 102013

hipster filterWhen I hear about the pope I feel like a hipster. His apologia fills me with intense irritation rather than joy, which I realize is a flaw. I should be happy that they’re finally coming around. Secular morality is always advancing and pulling religion kicking and screaming into the current century. It had to be done for slavery, women’s rights, gay rights, and it’ll just keep happening.

50 years from now all the church leaders will be saying how religion was always at the forefront of the gay rights movement, leading the way with Jesus’s teachings of “brotherly love”. And their followers will believe them. So when the pope says gays are cool, or atheists aren’t going to hell, I acknowledge that it’s good that more of the world is moving out of the dark ages, and we should be celebrating that the world is getting better. But I can’t help but think “Took you long enough you freakin’ idiot.”

It’s like atheists are the hipsters of morality. “Oh, you like gay rights now? That’s cute. I was into equality before it was mainstream and cool.” /thick-rimmed-glasses

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  1. I’m in agreement.. well said.. !! :)

    I went to Catholic school and church every week until I was 17 (had to do so).. and always felt it made no sense. God seemed very Sadistic (ex. the story of Noah’s Ark).. and then it was said not to take it as it is written (?) Sounds liked double-talk or Orwell’s 1984.

    I happily became an Agnostic at 17… (and been so for 35 years)… !!! I like the way the word Agnostic sounds better than Atheist.. And too many atheists I personal met sounded like Religion fanatics .. always trying to get others to think like them.

    I’m a Buddhist for 3 years.. but Buddhism is not a religion (except for tax exemptions). It is just a philosophy of life and thinking ‘Rational’..

    Best to you..

    Betty Ann

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