Oct 172013

b9b2_horror_movie_shower_curtain_bath_mat_curtainMaybe I should do this weekly, so they don’t build up like this. ><

A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones. This should NOT be as funny as it is. But it is.

Donald Glover’s notes on why he’ s leaving Community are moving. I know that feel. I expect many people do.

Oprah says someone who can experience wonder can’t be an atheist. I wonder how Oprah would feel if someone said “You don’t conform to my hateful stereotype, so I don’t call you black then.”

The GOP changed the rules the House works under on Oct 1st, specifically to force a government shut down.

“the entirety of the bible is different when you know magic is real. Most miracles are just boring when you’ve got a wand. Jesus was clearly a dark wizard who used Horcruxes, seeing as he performed magic and came back from the dead. Lets look at Corinthians 15:20-26 in this context.”

Disney’s “Frozen” is based on “The Snow Queen”. Apparently the original fairy tale had a rich cast of female characters, greatly outnumbering the men.
“Disney feels it’s necessary to take a female driven, female dominated story and cut it down to one princess protagonist with a dashing male helper/love interest”

American healthcare was already socialized by Reagan.
“Up until 1986, in the USA, hospitals could turn a dying person away at the door if they didn’t have money, or refuse to treat. […]
Ronald Reagan set up hospital emergency rooms as socialized healthcare, and then…
…didn’t fund them.
It’s an unfunded mandate.”

An awesome slipstream tumblr – Welcome to Shutdown
“There aren’t two Boehners anymore. Oh, there were, for weeks, and months. Two and they kept it secret. But now there are dozens. They travel in packs. When one falls they trample him, and return later, to eat the corpse, weeping. They bathe in a fountain of bronzer, nude save for American-flag lapel pins, but none are permitted to see. “

The Horror Novel You’ll Never Have to Live
An amazing good post on what it’s like to have to a price on your life that you have to pay every month. It made me realize that we have already been living in a Bacigalupi-ian SF dystopia.

“one of the most basic and useful human hormones got completely excluded from medicine just because it didn’t have a drug company to push it”

Record Label Picks Copyright Fight — With The Wrong Guy
Oh hell yes. Burn down every copyright abuser (and patent troll) in the world. Make them swallow their own ashes and rend their clothes in despair. There are few fates too awful for the corporate despoilers of culture.

I didn’t realize Not Literally are a Denver-based group! Go watch some of their videos and you’ll be able to recognize a lot of Denver landmarks once you’re watching for them.

This is pretty much how I was taught evolution worked in church. This is why people who learn about evolution in church think it’s a ridiculous crock of shit. You’d think it was the stupidest thing ever too.

The Anti-Libertarian FAQ (or: Why I Hate Your Freedom)
A great read, and a concise reference for those who thoughtfully disagree with Libertarianism. (Note that “concise” is relative – I spread my reading out over two days because there’s a lot to libertarianism and thus a lot to reply to). Item 4.2 was particularly interesting.

Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens. Is assassination without due process worse than kidnapping/rendition/torture without due process? Dunno, but it’s probably easier.

5 Signs the New ‘RoboCop’ Movie Might Be Terrible. This is why we can’t have nice things.
“Well done, Strike Entertainment, you’ve turned the symbol of faceless authority into douchebro shades.”

What have the Romans ever done for us?
“Wherever humans gather together, big piles of human shit will inevitably follow. Cities are great, but if you want to live in one you have to solve the feces management problem … it’s likely that you’re less than 100 feet from human feces at this very second”

The “Great Stagnation” isn’t due to an actual stagnation of science/tech developments. The developments are simply being stifled by patent owners who are comfortable with the status quo and the governmental powers who enforce those patents. Patent Trolls are only the most visible tip of this iceberg. It started back in ’80 when Reagan reintroduced mercantilism to America, and Clinton continued it.

Let’s Drop “Feed the World”
I used the “it’s necessary to feed all the people” line myself, a lot.
“there is no direct connection between U.S. corn and soy production and ending hunger elsewhere”
” increasing crop production in the U.S. won’t help feed those people because insufficient production […] is not the heart of the problem”

(the below is quoted from Alonzo Fyfe)
“A bill was proposed to declare a science laureate – a scientist recognized for their ability to foster an understanding of and appreciation of science. A great communicator of scientific facts.
There is opposition – some groups don’t want people around who can communicate scientific fact. A scientifically ignorant population serves their interests much better.
After all, poisoning people and destroying their property is easier if people don’t understand that what is poisoning them and destroying their property.”
Fuck you to: American Conservative Union & the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Rot in hell.

So many ways to die in space. Drowning in your suit.

An amazing story in Strange Horizon’s about a non-neurotypical protagonist. Sooooo tasty. I’m linking the audio version because it’s exceptionally well narrated! Link to text in comments
“Don’t you think it’s cruel, to allow children to live as you do? Given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer to be cured, at least?
No no no no no no”

Adventures in Cop-Blocking.
Exciting! Looking out for your fellow citizens. Takes a remarkable amount of courage too, just to do something as simple as record a public interaction.

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