Jul 192013

Yeesh, I hadn’t realized it’s been almost a month since I did this. Will Facebook ever become a decent archive? I’m betting no.

427px-HPatDH_-_Panache_-_Emma_and_DobbyIn praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series


Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind Coming to Television!


This is what balls looks like in day-to-day life. Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative


I think there may be something wrong with my sense of humor, because this once again hits my funny bone: “As a pastor, I have had members of my church confess to me that they have been involved in group sex. They come to me with a sense of remorse. This puts me in a bit of a theological conundrum.”


Steam’s Summer Sale: Once again I’m reminded that marketing is mostly Dark Arts


I don’t know if it’s tragic or poetic justice that her base consider this scandalous. GOP candidate in Sen. John Morse recall also writes “erotic romance”


We’ll only hold you accountable if a white kid is killed.


Remember all those crazy conservatives crying about how making gay marriage legal would result in churches being shut down and priests being jailed? They forgot to mention it’s because THEY would be the ones jailing the priests! :D


Don’t waste your time, or time will waste you. (30 is not the new 20)


Sometimes I’m still surprised. Wall Street Journal says Egypt needs a Pinochet


A Spell Called Catherine. This is an RPG hook that is simply *cool as shit*


Pharoahs Ain’t Shit. I’m not really into poetry, but this is a thing I really like by an old high school friend


We Have Always Fought. “The folks excavating Viking graves didn’t bother to check whether the graves they dug up were male or female. They were graves swords in them. Swords are for soldiers. Soldiers are men. It was years before they thought to even check the actual bones of the skeletons, instead of just saying, “Sword means dude!” and realized their mistake.”


A review that actually made me want to see the last Twilight movie. Not in theaters though.


An artifact with encoded information that was unreadable using then-available technology was preserved for over 100 years. Eventually tech got to the point where the info could be read and reproduced. I wonder if this parallels anything else I’m an advocate of…


Why don’t the anti-regulation crowd complain about government being over-regulated?


This is freakin hilarious! 2min, must watch. Dan Savage offends a horse lover.


And finally – what happens when you try to tell a knock-knock joke to Facebook.

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