May 032013

SU2b8ioSo in the last post I complained about how Facebook makes a terrible archive. Then it occurred to me I have a tool to fix that.* So every Friday I’ll be posting an list of links I’ve posted to Facebook in case I need them again in the future. Hooray for Google!

Doubling up this week to make up for lost time, won’t be nearly so many from here on out. Plus it was a packed week.

(*well, sorta. Looks like 5% of all links rot every year! Things on the internet do NOT stay there forever. But until I start archiving outside pages, this will have to do.)


Rise of the New Atheists
This is a great interview, totally worth listening to.
“The stuff that’s bigger than oneself doesn’t have to be unreal – it could be real! […] The spirituality of science is better than the spirituality of religion because it’s real.” & “Understanding how a rainbow works doesn’t make it less beautiful, it makes it more beautiful.”


Burn Motherfuckers!
(I mean Warner Brothers)

Warner Brothers sued for unauthorized use of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat


Most Cans Opened in 3 Seconds!


The Vulcan your Vulcan could sound like if he wasn’t made of straw
(starts with:
“I have calculated the odds against our surviving such an action at three thousand, seven hundred and forty-five to one.”

“Damn the odds, we’ve got to try… wait a second. Where, exactly, did you get that number from?”

“I hardly think this is the time for-”

“No. No, fuck you, this is exactly the time. The fate of the galaxy is at stake. Trillions of lives are hanging in the balance. You just pulled four significant digits out of your ass, I want to see you show your goddamn work.”)


Lost Girl – Kenzi Quotes – Season 1

Love :)

( I watched the pilot, and Kenzi was the only good thing about it. The concept is awesome, but the execution really fails. The story-telling was cliche, the acting was poor, and the motivations were hard to believe. Maybe I should watch more? I’ve heard from someone who started with the 2nd season and hasn’t watched any of the first that it’s quite good, so I guess it gets better, but I just don’t have the patience nowadays. Too much to watch, and only a few hours of watching time per week.)


Cities and their Stars (without light pollution)


I Am Stereoblind, But the 3DS Lets Me See the World as Others See It


66 Behind the Scenes Pics from Empire Strikes Back


Steven Spielberg’s “Obama”

Daniel Day Lewis looks like he’s gonna be awesome!


Worrying levels of Mercury and Lead in some protein drinks

Don’t let Lead and Mercury turn you into a Bro…


Rock Paper Scissors, Your Logik Is Not Right


Cheating to Learn: How a UCLA professor gamed a game theory midterm

This is awesome. More education should be like this.


The Market For Dragons
Economics of Fire and Ice. Great read for nerds!


Poop Splash Elimination

In summary – put down some toilet paper first.


An Unbiased Review Of The Marvel “Avengers” Movie

A fan theory that makes Loki the hero, and actually makes both the Thor movie and Avengers completely awesome. I love this.


Why We Fuck

If you don’t have the time to read much about sex and the evolution of monogomy, this is a good quick primer. It is a little over-broad (some people really do biologically pair-bond, crazy as it may sound), but it covers a lot of ground.


Don’t Run

Support for High-Intensity Interval, or weights.


Street Fighter 2 – Guile Theme Acapella

This is really well done. I heard this music a lot in my childhood.


Harry Potter and the Doctrine of the Calvinists

A fun read about Calvinism in the Potterverse :)


West Fertilizer Co. Told the EPA That Last Night’s Explosion Could Never Happen

Someone in the leadership ranks of West Fertilizer Co is responsible for many more deaths and maimings than the Boston Bombers… and yet will likely serve no prison time at all. Because the world is mad.


Revisiting a 90-year-old debate: the advantages of the mean deviation

I’m use Mean Deviation (aka Average Deviation) rather than Standard Deviation when doing stats for our book club’s ratigns. My excuse is here:
But if I’m being honest, it’s actually because I prefer Mean Deviation on an aesthetic level, and I was just searching for an argument to use in my defense. :)

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