Apr 242019

Yang 2020. You’ve been put on notice, 99% of American voters!

  7 Responses to “Just gonna say it now – anyone who doesn’t vote for Yang is a bad person”

  1. This is a much more aggressive political statement than I expected from your blog, and also doesn’t account for things like “Yang wants to cut the number of government employees while also creating lots of weird new departments, and doesn’t have a sufficiently good plan for how to pay for UBI”. Additionally, I generally don’t expect rationalists to make statements like “if you don’t do X political thing, you are evil”. What’s up?

    • I cannot upvote your comment but I would like to second the desire to hear more. My first assumption was that it was at least partially tongue in cheek if not entirely. I’m the kind of person who might be caught making such statements but EB doing it is surprising.

  2. I 100% approve of your reasoning, but frankly this settling for an ex-goth president is exactly the kind of milquetoast liberalism I’ve come to expect from internet-rationalism-adjacency =P.

  3. I am going to focus on the Wang thing rather than what I assume was hyperbole. I enjoy the hyperbole and am now wondering when dealing with people I don’t know very well if I really should make an effort to cut down on mine. Following text only makes sense if you are throwing your support behind Wang and believe that it is a good thing to do so.

    I find the entire idea of political representation to be rather bizarre. The eye of the needle that someone would need to pass through before representing me is something I cannot imagine due to scope insensitivity. So to vote for Wang means either to vote for him knowing that he wont represent me or to vote for Wang knowing that he will provide a net positive for either others or myself.

    So do you think Wang will benefit everyone or just you and how/why. Or does Wang actually represent you personally? I want to believe that Wang or someone else could indeed be a politician whom could be evidence of our political system not being entirely without promise.

    So if you have a short version of how this politician can be a successful politician without being a politician at all then please do elaborate. I currently labour under the premise that nobody worth electing has any hope of anything beyond local politics. I’ll freely admit I avoid looking into it though because it is simply too much negative information about things I cannot change for me to deal with.

  4. All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to follow any strategy other than “win at all costs.”

    If voting for Yang is a path that wins, then I want to vote for Yang. If voting for Yang is not a path that wins, then I do not want to vote for Yang. Let me not become attached to a path that doesn’t end in victory.

    • LOL! All aboard the Moloch-train! :)

      I’m just hoping there’s *any* path left that doesn’t end in failure.

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