Dec 302013

jesus loves you this muchI was just privy to someone deflecting their church’s stance on gays (spoiler alert: they’re not fans) by going on and on about how much Jesus loves everyone. He’s so awesome and kind and loving! So many cuddles!


No one cares what you think your imaginary friend thinks. They care about how you actually treat them in real life. When they point out that your group is acting like asshats, and that hiding behind your holy book is a giant load of crap because you treat it like The Giant Book of Multiple Choice, singing about how awesome your imaginary friend is really doesn’t matter. Perhaps admit that you’re just picking and choosing passages that reinforce your own prejudices while ignoring those that don’t, and go about trying to justify your prejudices with real world reasons. We hate thieves too, and we have good real-world reasons for it, rather than fairy tales. We don’t hate gays because we recognize there is no real-world reason to do so, and plenty of reasons NOT to.

  3 Responses to “Jesus loves you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!”

  1. I LOVE THE WAY YOUR BRAIN WORKS. Your blog is an utter delight, my friend.

  2. So you want people to admit their personal biases whilst denying your own? I am Human I can er if i want to, i can er my friends behind, cause if you don’t er and then you don’t er er er er er er er…. you can er… you can er…. everyone gets to er…

    As for your assumption that there are no good real-world reasons to hate gays… well… you’re not thinking outside your own box well enough then. I could hate a gay for their hair cut… or any fucking reason, it’s good to me… maybe not your good, but that’s what reasons and subjective terminology is for.

  3. So you feel a bad haircut is a reason to hate someone? Hate is an extremely strong word. You’re being a total asshat, but I don’t HATE you. Just find you to be backwards, TBH.
    How about if someone cuts in line in front of you? Do you HATE that person, or are you just irritated with them?
    Do you HATE the kid at McDonald’s who gets your order wrong? Do you HATE the jerk who cuts you off on the freeway? Do you HATE the little old lady who takes forever to get across the street?
    I’m just saying a haircut is actually an extremely stupid reason to HATE someone. You could hate the haircut itself, that would be reasonable.

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