Jan 132021

It’s been a bit of a year. Not just politics-wise and corona-wise (though those have been huge), but personal-health-wise as well. But a couple weeks ago Google mailed me to say that I’m still getting 1k visitors a month to this site, and I’m like “wtf? Really? I haven’t updated it in months, who are these people?” And it turns out I have some new comments on some old posts, and well, that’s kinda cool. So I’m gonna get back into blogging. Just a little bit at a time, maybe catch up on the book club book reviews I haven’t posted, maybe archive my FB links again, maybe a rant here or there. Thanks for still being around, even sporadically. :)

I do podcast with a couple friends of mine twice a month, if anyone’s into that sorta thing, over here.

  4 Responses to “Is this thing still on?”

  1. Welcome back! I’m thrilled you’ve taken up blogging again. For the last 5+ years, every year, one of the best books I’ve read that year has been one I found through your reviews.

    I’ve been coming back once a week just to check if there is anything new

  2. You also have 139 subscribers on Feedly.
    I doubt they’ll show up in your page visitor numbers.

  3. I’m a Feedly subscriber, but I usually come here to actually read the posts. I have been checking back here every couple of weeks, just to make sure that something didn’t go wrong with the Feedly feed and I’ve been missing updates.

    It’s good to see you back.

  4. Glad you’re back! I’m sorry to hear about the personal-health issues. I hope everything works out in the end.

    I really appreciate your blog, *especially* the book reviews. When I realized you hadn’t posted in awhile, I meant to write here or on the Bayesian Conspiracy Patreon to say thank you for the content these past few months (years?).

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