Aug 152018

After interviewing Alexander Wales and Daystar Eld for The Bayesian Conspiracy podcast, I put together a Rational Fiction Online Anthology. It consists of links to nine Rationalist short stories, with brief introductions explaining what aspects of Rat Fic I believe they demonstrate.

The intros aren’t really necessary, these are all really awesome short stories that I think just about everyone will love. But they do provide a bit of a snap shot of just what Rat Fic is.

I hope some people find this cool and/or useful. :)

Shut Up And Do The Impossible: the rational fiction online anthology

  3 Responses to “Introducing: “Shut Up And Do The Impossible” anthology”

  1. This is awesome! I was having trouble trying to explain rat fic to a friend and it is really nice having a place for “here’s a bunch of free examples” that isn’t Reddit. Great name too.

  2. +1. This is excellent for lazy me. I’m general I’d love to hear more of your fiction picks in general somewhere; I’ve yet to be disappointed by a SFF book club selection that I’ve tried based on your recommendation, but I’d love some similar reviews of your personal favorites separate from whatever your club happens to pick.

  3. Great idea, thanks for this.

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