Jan 052018

I’m switching all my texting and messaging to it as much as possible, and this is my urging that you do too. First and foremost, due to security, of course, but…

The user interface is slick and beautiful and just sooooo responsive.

There’s a destop app that integrates seemlessly and stays synced to your phone(s) and other computers, so you can type on a keyboard when near one, instead of tapping on a screen! Yet is still fully mobile when you aren’t near a legit computer.

My biggest fear was that setup would be a pain, with all sorts of tech knowledge needed, and passwords, and private keys, etc. No. Nothing like that. Just install the app and you’re good to go. It syncs your contact list from your phone and auto-fills it with anyone else who has Signal.

And, of course, the security. Fully encrypted end-to-end, so no one else can read your messages. Not the NSA, not Facebook, not Google, not the phone company, or any service provider. Your conversations actually remain your own.
And it’s free!

Very importantly, this is good to use AT ALL TIMES. If people only use Signal for illicit talk, that means it’s obvious that anyone using Signal is doing something shady. Once you use it for everything, all the time, out of a matter of principle because it ain’t nobody else’s business what the hell you’re saying to your mom or your bae or your boss, there is a normalization of using encryption all the time. Which is as it should be.

I know this sounds like an ad or some shit, but I’m just really excited and happy about this. 4 out of 5, would encrypt again!

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  1. I don’t know anyone that uses it yet but have it installed on my phone already. The problem is, when everyone uses whatsapp you’re sorta forced to use it too. And it’s really hard to convince 30 people in a group to all switch to signal. And some people really like their emojis. Did you know that Apple (I think it was Apple) includes new shiny emojis in their security updates so people are interested in getting them?
    It’s a little sad, but there are a lot of people more interested in emojis than encryption.

    • Having said that, I convinced my brother to use it so… I guess I’ll be using signal for communicating with him now? :D

  2. I just find the smart assistant at your beck and call in Allo chats far too useful to discard, that and the autoresponse saves me time and brain cycles.

  3. Do we trust signal. I mean,. I trust the encryption. But is that the weak link? I thought phones had some kinda key logfing or something.

    • No, the weakest link is the user on both ends, and that’s where many hacks happen. But it’s better than not having encryption. :)

  4. I have worked out what signal is through context. A short description of what it was wouldn’t have hurt the reading experience though.

    In case I am wrong it is an encrypted messaging service and it is free and easy to set up ? I realise you didn’t mention it was free but I am good at wanting things to be free.

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