Oct 292012

As mentioned in my About page, this blog is mainly a personal archive. It’s for me to compare my future selves vs past selves, and to maybe assist in any reviving/emulation attempts after I’m frozen. As such it doesn’t contain all that much that is objectively valuable to other people. And yet it still takes me quite a bit of time to write this stuff up and post it. I dunno, maybe I’m just slow, and I’ll get faster as I gain experience.

Which is why I am in awe of and incredibly grateful for posts such as this one explaining that pH Balancing is bullshit. It is long. It is obviously researched quite a bit. It has a lot of relevant links, and is densely packed with valuable information – it has a very high content-to-words ratio. It is well written, and it draws from a pool of knowledge that was cultivated via years of college and job experience. It had to have taken hours to put together.

In short, it provides an objectively valuable informational resource to the human race. Very few people could have written it, and of those, only a minuscule fraction put in the effort to actually write it. And then they gifted it to everyone for free.

This is the sort of thing that fills me with joy and makes me feel better about the human race. We are awesome. Thank you to all the people who do this sort of thing, you make the world richer.

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