Apr 092014

You’ve probably already heard of the HeartBleed Bug. If not – here you go.

In short – Do you use passwords on the internet? Unless you use a unique password for every site, it’s time to change all of them. ALL OF THEM. (Although maybe wait a couple days for everything to get patched first, or even your new passwords will be compromised.)

I have been referred to a couple good unique-passwords-for-every-site-without-having-to-remember-a-million-password/site-combination resources (LastPass and PasswordMaker).

Obviously even unique passwords will have to be changed on compromised sites. And it may still behoove you to change everything.

But the really interesting part was the passwords I didn’t necessarily have to change. Of all the sites I use, exactly two have completely unique passwords. My bank account, and my podcast. It became immediately apparent what is most important to me.

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