Apr 222015

sad_puppies_3_patchAfter this I think I’m done with the Puppies for a while, aside from perhaps some Puppy Notes on my reviews. But I must say, I am puzzled by their choice of targets sometimes. They seem to hate Throne of the Crescent Moon, though I’m not sure why. It’s exactly what they want – mindless action, good guys who are good and bad guys who are bad, lack of nuance, no political message, etc. The entire thing is all surface. It should be right up their alley, but for some reason it’s boo’ed.

Anyway, two relevant links to close things up:

Heinlein On The Puppies
A quote from him about critics he dislikes – “He will permit any speculation at all — as long as it is about gadgets only and doesn’t touch people. He doesn’t care what mayhem you commit on physics, astronomy, or chemistry with your gadgets… but the people must be the same plain old wonderful jerks that live in his Home Town. Give him a good ole adventure story any time, with lots of Gee-Whiz in it and space ships blasting off and maybe the Good Guys (in white space ships) chasing the Bad Guys (in black space ships) but, brother, don’t you say anything about the Methodist Church, or the Flag, or incest, or homosexuality, or teleology, or theology, or the sacredness of marriage, or anything philosophical!  […] This of course rules out… a large fraction of my work — and all my future work, I think.”

On Brad and Larry trying to distance themselves from Vox Day
“Correia and Torgersen brought him onboard. Actively. Here’s a pro-sad-puppies podcast talking about that decision, back in March, before the shortlist came out. Here’s Brad Torgersen in particular way back in January defending Vox Day, describing him as a “gentleman.” […] The leadership of the campaign actively made the decision to bring in Vox Day and people like him. So it is impossible to argue Vox Day is not representative; they chose him as one.”

  4 Responses to “Final Puppy Thoughts”

  1. So it is impossible to argue Vox Day is not representative; they chose him as one.”

    Brad complimented Vox once, and they nominated one of his stories. Therefore, Vox Day is a representative for Sad Puppies.


    They’re not trying to distance themselves from Vox Day in the slightest. They are pointing out the obvious fact that they are not Vox Day and Vox Day is not them. This was true before and now, and has not changed.

    • Yes, it’s a tautology that two people are not the same person. But they brought him in, coordinated and collaborated with him, and released their slates simultaneously. If you chose to ally with Vox Day you will become known as an ally of Vox Day. You can’t have one without the other.

  2. “The leadership of the campaign actively made the decision to bring in Vox Day and people like him. So it is impossible to argue Vox Day is not representative; they chose him as one.”

    Why don’t you post the words that Torgersen actually wrote? They’re certainly easy enough to get to. Here, let me help you:

    “Ted Beale (Vox Day) and I disagree on a lot. We approach the SJW crusade from rather different viewpoints. But Beale’s been a gentleman with me, and I with him. Which is more than I can say for the SJWs, who harassed, vilified, and slandered my friend and mentor Mike Resnick, while at the same time harassing, vilifying, and slandering Jean Rabe and Barry Malzberg. Again, Barry is nobody’s right-winger. But it didn’t save him from the proverbial headsman’s axe. The SJWs (who now dominate SFWA) threw Barry (and Mike and Jean) on the fire. And told all three of them that they deserved to burn, for lack of Social Justice piety.”

    Oh, I remember now. Its because they don’t support your conclusion.

    Furthermore, if you want to compare RAAAAACISTS I’ll see your Vox Day and raise you a K. Tempestuous Cupcake.

  3. One more thing.

    Has it occurred to you that Vox Day is a typical coat tail rider?

    Consider Corriea’s choice of style. “Reduce puppy related sadness.” Political Hugo picks make puppies sad. This is his campaign. It is designed to be as silly and harmless as possible. He approached the whole thing as a joke, quite deliberately. Seeing the ensuing firestorm of accusations labeling him every bad ting there is and comparing it to “Reduce puppy related sadness” is exactly what the point of the whole thing was. He reveals the SJWs to be what they are, partisans who have no half-throttle setting. They are WFO on anybody that disagrees with their thing.

    Classic non-violent confrontation, “Look at these SJWs hitting me for no reason! They’re CRAZY, look at them hitting me!”

    Consider Vox Day’s style. Serious, violent imagery. Rabid Puppies, aka mad dogs and faceless minions are going to rip out your Hugo and stuff it down your neck.

    One of these things is not like the other, I’m sure you will agree.

    If they deliberately went out and asked Vox Day to participate, don’t you think they’d have him on board with the root policy of the campaign, which is “we don’t go after them, we let them come after us”?

    Not that it matters of course, given the behaviour of SJWs. Check the “I’ll Protect You From The Bad Men” post from Vonda McIntyre. http://bookviewcafe.com/blog/2015/04/15/i-will-walk-with-you/comment-page-1/#comment-98434

    WorldCon this year is going to be a witch hunt if good ol’ Vonda gets to have her way. Sounds like fun, right?

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