May 182015

mad-max-fury-road-entertainment-weekly-image-2I saw Fury Road over the weekend. It’s a fantastic action flick. If that’s feminist propaganda, 98% of actions movies would be greatly improved by being feminist propaganda.

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  2. I haven’t watched the movie but I can give you a quote I found on twitter : “I’m not one to shy away from expressing unpopular opinions. So here goes. I saw Fury Road. I get why people like it. But it isn’t feminist” -Anita Sarkeesian. She also said this: It makes me profoundly sad that mainstream pop culture now interprets feminism to mean “women can drive fast and stoically kill people too”
    So without having seen the film I am more than a little dubious about just how feminist it is at all. I’d be interested in knowing why you think it is “feminist propaganda”.

    • It’s not feminist propaganda at all. That’s the joke. It’s just a good action movie, far better than most. This is a response to the crazed MRA/PUA bloggers that were refusing to watch it, calling it feminist propaganda. If feminist propaganda consists of murder and blowing shit up in spectacular ways, then most action directors would do well to try to produce feminist propaganda instead of the crappy action movies they are trying to make. Altho I guess if you have to explain a joke, it’s not very funny.

      • Ah. Sorry for making you explain your joke. I only heard about the backlash of crazy people to the film literally yesterday. Sorry.

  3. It’s not all that feminist, but it is more feminist than your average action movie.

    But yes, awesome movie! I might actually see it a second time.

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