Mar 152018

Students at Concord’s Mt. Diablo High break through gate in gun protest

Lately I’ve seen friends on both sides of the “Walk Out/Walk Up” debate. The two sides are (roughly)

1. Instead of walking out to protest guns, kids should walk up to the weird, bullied kid and befriend him.
2. It’s not any kids responsibility to be nice to anyone in order to not get shot.

Neither of these does anything but anger the other side, and both completely miss the root cause.

With public schools being prison-like environments, the incentives on children are to be awful to each other. This will not change until adults do something to make schools less like prisons, and no amount of shootings will change that. Neither will scolding kids to be nicer. Anti-gun programs are useless bullshit. Anti-bullying programs are useless bullshit. All the permanent incentives that shape action are pushing children to emulate prison gangs.

The schools must be reformed. By adults.

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  3 Responses to “Don’t walk up OR walk out. Break out.”

  1. I don’t get why people are debating whether kids should walk up or not. Who even started this debate and how ?

    When I heard the US had kids walking out of school in protest regarding guns it made my day. When you are struggling to get people on side with ‘guns aren’t toys they are weapons’ then I don’t know that you need to find new things to debate.

    • Yeah, there’s no reason one can’t do both. I dunno how the debate started, the left and right have to fight about everything, and the right had to find a way to oppose an anti-gun walkout without looking like monsters, so someone came up with the Walk Up “alternative.”

  2. I am torn on the one hand I like the idea of walk up. Just every o s be friends with everyone and have a good time. It just feels so dirty that it is a smokescreen to allow for the sale of deadly weapons.

    Extra so since the people in question are the ones the gun fondler types would least like to actually spend social time with. I love the thought of young republicans being mandated to be nice to the weird sexually ambigous goth kid. Has a real buddy comedy thing going.

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