Feb 122014

kristen-stewart-2I don’t get poetry. Sure, there’s a couple poems I like (literally, I can think of two). But for the most part it completely goes over my head. I much prefer poetic prose such as (if you’ll excuse me using my standard example) Comes The Huntsman.

I get spoken poetry. I love Storm and What Teachers Make, when performed. Because the emotion is in the performance.

So when I see people bagging on Kristen Stewart’s poem, I find myself very suspicious. I read it, and to me it looks just like most other modern poetry. I suspect that if the author was unknown, this wouldn’t be viewed as bad. Maybe not great, I dunno, I can’t judge poetry.

I think 95% of the ridicule that’s being thrown at it is by people who just dislike Kristen Stewart for whatever reason and want to hate on anything associated with her. I agree that she’s bland, and a poor actor her acting in the Twilight movies was uninspired. But I don’t see anything to separate this poem from most other poetry I’ve run across.

Maybe I’ve only ever been exposed to bad poetry? I suppose that would explain my dislike of it.

  2 Responses to ““Devils not done digging””

  1. What makes you say that she is a poor actor? Besides her performance in Twilight, all the (admittedly short clips, not whole movies) I’ve seen of her work is fairly good acting; there is a reason she’s the picture for most of the Bells in Effulgence.
    I also not good enough at judging poetry to tell whether this one is any good.

    • Hm. Come to think of it, I’ve only seen her in Twilight. I suppose, in fairness to Stewart, perhaps the character didn’t leave her much to work with and she’s better in other roles. I’ll edit the post.

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