Jun 042013

I volunteered at Denver Comic Con over the weekend. More on that tomorrow, but today I’ll be putting up some pics I snapped, with comments. Note that I left my decent camera at home, so these are taken with my crappy cell-phone camera. Also if the hallways look empty it’s because I was working most of the time and didn’t have time to take many pictures – most of them were taken after the convention center was closed down (or was in the process of closing down) for the day.

Let’s start with a cool-ass cosplay:


Galactus, about 10 feet tall! Must have taken forever to make! Yes, there’s a guy in there, he would stomp around slowly and pose with people.



A unique Dalek cosplay. There was a group of 3 people who made it and took turns in it, one of them always dressed up as a doctor as well. I suggested they charge to let other people be in it for a while, and they said maybe if they modify the costume, cuz it takes 15min to get in/out of it right now. Also, it was reportedly hot as hell inside it.



I love cityscapes and I love minatures, and this sprawling Lego sculpture had both. Six blocks of downtown Big City with tons of super heroes and villains engaged in heroics/villainies (respectively). This was a close-up of the street view.



About 2/3rds of the room for the Will Wheaton/Felicia Day joint panel/Q&A. They are wonderful people to see talk.  The room was packed to capacity, and we had to turn people away. I was working Main Events for DCC, so I didn’t have to wait in line and was guaranteed attendance, but I was at the back.

I took pleasure in the fact that Shatner’s appearance, right afterward, had less than a third of the crowd (initially). We were waving people down in the halls, like “Hey, you wanna see William Shatner? Cuz we still got seating.” That’s right Shatner – no one really cares anymore. This is a Geek Con, and no one wants to hear about your horse breeding or whatever. We’re here to see other people LIKE US who talk about how great geek culture is and we can all revel in our nerdery together. :)



The MLP panel – these are all writers and/or artists of the MLP comic books. Unfortunately the DCC Guidebook doesn’t have panelist names in the Programming section, but the lady on the far right wrote the premier issue, which sold over 100,000 copies BEFORE it was even published. Go Bronies!

I had a pic of the crowd, but it was blurry and crappy. This room was completely packed. People squeezed together, every seat taken, and we STILL had to turn people away at the door. It was smaller than the main-events hall, but still very impressive. Lots of good pony cosplay, and lots of sloppy pony cosplay. :)

Other news – the new miniseries will focus on minor characters, and it is basically assured we’ll never see a Doctor Hooves episode, because it turns out the BBC is EXTREMELY tight-fisted with their Dr Who IP.



The rarely seen Big Mac cosplay! Right after the MLP panel. When I asked if I could snap his picture he even replied “Ayup”  :) That’s a stalk of grass in his mouth, not a goatee (stupid phone camera!)



Toph and Aang!


Momo and Appa!



I was helping out a bit in the exhibition hall after DCC was closed down to the public, and the giant Spidey had been pulled down from the ceiling and put on his back. A couple exhibitors took advantage of this for an excellent pic opportunity!



And finally, a poor pic  of me next to Rawr (DCC mascot).



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