Apr 042015

Wow! I expected him to get on at least one work in each category, but I did not expect this! A majority everywhere that it matters, and a few sweeps!

Sad Puppy Slate vs Hugo Nominations

Three out of Five for Best Novel (there’s a possibility it could have been 4 out of 5, we won’t know until the full numbers are released after WorldCon, because Larry declined his own nomination)

All Three that they picked for Best Novella. Not terribly surprising, as those are the least read & have the least nominations cast, so they’re the easiest to take if you get a coherent block of voters working with you. But still impressive.

All Four that they picked for Best Novelette! Plus John C. Wright for the fifth pick! Daaaaamn!

Three out of Five for Best Short Story.

ALL FIVE for Best Related Work. I almost skipped this, because I don’t really care about “related work,” but I’m glad I checked because I wasn’t expecting that!

And they got in their one pick for Best Graphic Story.

I didn’t check the rest, because I don’t particularly care, but I imagine the Sad Puppies did similarly well.

Note that this year you cannot vote against the Sad Puppies Slate in at least one category. I find that fascinating.

It only took three years for the Sad Puppies to get to this level of influence. If this keeps up, Correia’s blessing will be as valuable as the Pope’s in the SF-writing circle. He probably doesn’t want that power thrust upon him. But from now on, every aspiring writer will have in the back of their minds “I wonder if this is something Larry & Brad will like?” And that will inevitably alter the field, at least a bit.

I still REALLY hope that Larry comes to this year’s WorldCon. It would make for one of the most memorable WorldCons ever. If his fans show up with him, it could be the start of the “retaking” of the Hugos that they’ve been talking about.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me that the remaining nominations in Short Story, Novellette, and Novella categories all went to the Rabid Puppies slate. It’s impossible not to vote for a Puppies nominee in any non-Novel fiction category. Won’t this be a fun year?

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  1. “Note that this year you cannot vote against the Sad Puppies Slate in at least one category. I find that fascinating.”

    Er, yes, they can. They can vote “No Award.” They are already discussing it.

    • They can. But that won’t win.

      And that’s more than a little sour grapes, don’t you think? “I don’t like their politics, so I won’t vote for any of them?” If they do that, it’s proving the entire point of the SP campaign in the 1st place, that the so-called TrueFen don’t care about the genre in total, but only their minute subset of it.

      • Or a No Award vote may simply reflect their disgust at the political polarization and gaming of the ballot. As for me, I’m not going near WorldCon with a 10-ft pole if its come down to conservative vs liberal views of authors. No interest in bringing politics into what’s worth reading.

        • Yeah, if this keeps up it’s possible that WorldCon will be destroyed by the people who claimed to want to “take it back.”

          • How is a con or an award program destroyed by MORE participation and MORE money? For that matter, how is an award destroyed by voters who read the books and voted for the ones they liked, instead of voting the political/intersectional credentials of the author?

            Inquiring minds wanna know, since things don’t normally work like that.

      • No Award has won before. And I think this year it may make a very strong showing. :)

        I am actually almost certain to vote straight No Award in all the pure-Puppies categories, even if I love the stories. Which is extremely unfortunate for those authors. :( It has nothing to do with any author’s political stance (which I don’t have a problem with) – but it’s the only way (currently) to take a stand against the Sad Puppies vandalism.

        • What “Vandalism”? The people who voted paid for the right to do so. So the SP, expanded the voting sample, big deal. Yes they made suggestions, so what? Frankly, the SP is what got me interested in the Hugo’s and yes I am one of those 2000 some odd ballots and no my ballot was not straight SP, before you make that baseless accusation.. Just because the clique didn’t get to control everything this year.

          Have you seen Teresa’s full metal meltdown, I mean give me a break. There is not an author on that list that is not deserving of the nomination, period. No I don’t like or read all of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think that they deserve recognition.

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