Sep 102015

blatent lyingThis add is getting a lot of buzz because of how clever it is. Benjamin Lee at The Gaurdian gave a movie two stars (a rather low review), and the movie studio used that rating on their poster. It’s circled in the picture. I had to search for it a bit, because I couldn’t figure out where the low rating was.

Everyone seems to be swept away by how clever this was, since technically the poster displays the exact rating that Lee gave. I’d just like to take a minute to point out these guys are liars, and assholes. They intentionally presented the information in a way that any reasonable person would interpret it to mean that opposite of what it actually means. It looks like the rating given is much higher. It’s no different from quoting someone that said “No one in their right mind would consider this piece of trash to be a masterpiece!” as saying “…a masterpiece!”

If you intentionally give people information that you hope will cause them to form beliefs that you know are false, YOU ARE LYING, even if technically every word you said is true. You should be branded as a liar, and take the appropriate social hit. No excuses for cleverness.

(yes, HJPEV hides behind this a lot. It may be fun in a story, but he’s a deluded kid if he thinks he can claim he doesn’t lie to people’s faces all the time)

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