Sep 052012

I’m a big fan of architecture. Here are a couple pics from Chicago.
(The Tower in Fog from the first WorldCon post is from Chicago as well)

Gorgeous building, very stately, love the flying buttresses.


Unique design. Parking on the first dozen floors, living quarters above them. Practical? Maybe. But ugly. Uniquely ugly. That’ll be an eyesore for decades. Centuries?


The fire department has an awesome park/garden on the roof! Massive win!


There’s a sweet underground mole-city/shopping center running below the hotel I was in. Unstoppably cool. Although the city is fairly hilly, so there are places where it comes out at ground level, and places where it’s actually a full story above the ground. But when I first stumbled across it I was a floor below ground level, so to me it’ll always be the mole-city.

Aside from the main fancy stip downtown, Chicago is old and run-down and ugly looking. It isn’t even cool industrial blight, it’s just decayed. I hope I don’t have to go back much.

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