Jan 072016

In response to yesterday’s post, this comment was made on the reddit HPMoR subforum:
I sort of see “encouraging a fanbase to all buy supporting memberships to Worldcon to get specific items added to the ballot” as more of a questionable action

I’d much prefer to get more people involved in WorldCon in general. I would be disappointed if people bought the membership just to get HPMoR on the ballot, and I also think that’d be a waste of money. $50 is far better spent on donating to a charitable cause if that’s your only motivation. But I love WorldCon, and I’m excited about it, and I’m trying to encourage others to share in that fun. If it’s something that seems like it could be up your alley but you’ve never done it before, this is a great year to jump in! But please don’t take it as a call-to-action for HPMoR’s sake or anything. Do it because you’re enthusiastic about SF! (if you are)

  One Response to “A clarification”

  1. Nice backpedal. What, did you suddenly realize that ‘fans of HPMoR joining to get it on the Hugo ballot’ was ‘Sad Puppies’ with a different title?

    Harry Potter is exactly the kind of thing that should have got a Hugo when it first came out. If HPMoR fans have fifty bucks burning a hole in their pockets, they should go forth as the spirit moves them.

    This shit is supposed to be fun, do whatever the hell you want. If some buzzkill on some forum gets all offended, I’d view that as an added bonus, not a problem.

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