Oct 082012

Why is this guy angry?

He pretends it’s because the nerdy girls he meets aren’t nerdy enough*. They’re infringing on his identity and trying to pretend to be in his cultural group, but they really aren’t. They’re impostors and phoneys!

It’s actually because he feels entitled to fuck them, and is frustrated that they don’t feel the same way.

He has nothing to offer anyone. “Why don’t girls like me?” Well, what reason have you given them to like you? “They should like me for who I am! I’m a special and beautiful snowflake.” Sure you are. “If I just found someone who really knew me, who saw who I really am, they would be all over me.”

Because, as Alone has repeatedly pointed out, “who I really am” doesn’t mean what you do, to this sort of person. It doesn’t mean what he’s accomplished, or the joy he can bring to those around him, or the strength of his relationships with friends and family. It is whatever he thinks he really is, deep inside, the fantasy he’s constructed, and external evidence be damned.

Part of this fantasy, of the identity he’s trying to put on and present to the world, is that he’s a “gamer”. And so anyone else who also claims to be a gamer should have a secret insight into his soul, and should be able to see how awesome he really is. Any attractive girl who has this insight would find him irresistible, because who could resist someone as awesome and caring as him?

But the gamer girl disagrees. She sees a bitter wanker who can’t understand why the world doesn’t care about his l33t skillz. She ignores his advances and moves on.

And that is the root of the butt-hurt. He was entitled to that lay. She obviously couldn’t see the “real” him, and that must be because she’s not a “real” gamer girl. She’s just an attention whore, a scheming manipulative girl who pretends to like games so that all these highly-desirable(!) fine manly specimens(!!) will give her the time of day! She’s a cock-tease that pretends to know their deepest souls, but then won’t fuck them like they deserve! He goes to the point of threatening his unwilling lay with “everyone at the con is going to sexually objectify you” unless they “prove their cred even harder”.

He then gives women this wonderful advice – shut up and calm the fuck down; you asked for it.

This guy would be right at home in the “men’s rights” movement.


*He also complains that advertisers have figured out that sex sells, which is just a bizarre complaint.

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