Aug 242022

I’m going entirely to SubStack. It’s a pain in the butt to maintain two blogs at once, and SubStack is the wave of the future, so I’ll stop updating this blog after this week. I’m keeping it up indefinitely as an archive, since a bunch of links point to posts here (even from posts that are on SubStack now!).

Honestly, I’ve kinda already stopped updating this blog. Here’s the posts from the past two months that I put up only on SubStack and didn’t copy over to here:

Against Marriage Hybrids

Various updates and retractions

“Housing First” Is Built Atop The Worst Argument In The World

New Great Filter Just Dropped

Light From Uncommon Stars’ Surreal Morality

It’s OK For People To Have Freedom of Association with Housing

Walled Gardens Need Environmental Gates

New Trek Loves Hostile Architecture

Well Ackchyually Guy Was Right All Along

Not A SF/F Review – Plain Bad Heroines

Mourning The Past

The Medium Is The Message = No Kids?

SF/F Review – Hollow Kingdom

At Burning Man 2022

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